Heartburn and Acid Reflux – Health and Fitness Discussion

It seems there sure is a lot on television about acid reflux and heartburn these days, and you can barely watch an hour or two of TV without seeing at least one commercial from a pharmaceutical company recommending some great new drug, offered by prescription only, with some fancy name with lots of Z’z, Y’s, or X’s in it. They promise to help against chest pains, burping, bloating, gas, ulcers, and fix any of the symptoms, nausea, causes, and restore you back to a happy you.

Well, there is an obvious reason why these Big Pharma companies advertise on TV, they know these drugs are amongst their biggest sellers out there, providing 100s of millions of dollars each year to their profit. And they know they need you to go into your doctor and ask for them by name, if they are to get you hooked on buying them. Many doctors realize that when a customer comes in and requests a drug, they better prescribe it or their client is likely to find another doctor. So they do, because it’s a catch-22.

“God Bless Advertising” you say, indeed, I agree, and it is rather unfortunate, as one could easily modify their diets, for instance the GERD Diet to stop the causes, rather than seek medicine or treatment to alleviate them from such symptoms. In fact, if you were to do just a little bit of personal research online, you’d find there are all sorts of articles concerning heartburn and acid reflux, and simple things you can do to make things easier on yourself if you suffer from such things.

Of course, if you are like most people, you assume that these TV advertisements and drugs are the answer, and that’s fine, but I’d just hope you’d consider alternatives first. Please consider all this, and think about it.

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